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About Taliparamba

Taliparamba (also known as Perimchellur) is a city and a municipality in Kannur district and spread over an area of 43.05 km2. It stretches from the coastal area of Ramanthali to Nuchiyad and Vayathur villages, touching the Karnataka border.

Taliparamba is a big town of 67,000 people crowded into a small area of 43 square kilometers. But the undulating hills that surround this little town make it exceptionally beautiful. The surrounding places, viz. Pattuvam, Kuttikkol, and Karimbam are filled with lush green fields and little rolling hills. The rivers of Kuppam and Valapattanam surround the towns from all sides and the Arabian sea is only 14 kilometres to the western side. The hanging bridge at Kuttiyeri and Kooveri the beautiful riverside temple at Parassinikkadavu attaract a large number of tourists. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kannur and the Pepper Research Station under Kerala Agricultural University at Panniyur, Kannur University, Pariyaram Medical College and Sir Syed College, Karimbam are a few famous institutions in and around Taliparamba. The origin of Taliparamba is from the Perinchalloor brahminical settlement. Of the original 2,000 Brahmin families, only 45 remain now. The old name of Taliparamba was ‘Lakshmipura’ as this place was considered as an abode of prosperity. The ‘Sree Raja Rajeswara Temple’ and the ‘Trichambaram temple’ are renowned places of worship.

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